John Madigan quits DLP

What a great pity that John Madigan has quit the DLP.  It’s a real slap in the face to those DLP true believers who stuck by the party during its 40 odd years in the wilderness.  Good luck to them in their efforts to mount a legal challenge to be allowed to replace Madigan with a DLP member.

Madigan appears to be suffering from a disease that afflicts so many politicians ie. he simply wants to be loved by everyone but in the process has forgotten about the people who put him there in the first place.  This is never more evident in the fact that he now has running his office a fomer staffer to an ALP MP.  Madigan only ever had a slim chance of being re-elected in 2016, that slim chance is now zero.  It’s hoped Madigan has people to hand out how to votes on the next election day, because he can rest assured that there won’t be any DLP members doing it for him.